Monday, July 20, 2009

Utah Can Be Cool

It's the Californian in me, I'm sorry. We think we are cooler than 99% of anyone from Utah. And when we meet someone from there and ask where they're from we respond, "Oh you are,"as we try and hide the apology in our voice. I've been this way for a long time and it's something I'm not proud of especially because some of THE coolest people I know have sprouted from there. But again, if I'm ever describing that person to anyone it's kind of like "I don't know how they got to be so cool, being from Utah and all," -like they really overcame the tragedy of that upbringing!

Anyway, the reason I'm even bringing this up, is because the boys and I spent a week after our stay in California, with friends and sisters in Utah and...dundadada...WE LOVED IT! We stayed with our bestest friends Brad and Chanel and their cute boys for a couple of days. The boys jumped on the tramp, rode bikes in front of the house without a taxi running them over, went fishing in the "MOW-ENS," as they are called there, and ate Egg-Os with peanut butter and syrup smothered over them for breakfast. I soaked up the fun of being with my girlfriend and watching our boys play/fight the days away.

I have video of Toby reeling in his first fish, but for some reason it's not uploading, so once I figure it out I'll put it up, because it's really cute. Catching his first fish, in his fedora!
Definitely nothing cool about this breathtaking sight.
Our next stop was over to my sister Lindsey's place in South Jordan. Our first night there we got to go to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. I took Ben and Toby with me and they did pretty good and said their favorite part was the cookies at the end.
I got my hair done for 1/3 of the price it would have cost me in NYC--always a good thing. Would definitely recommend the salon I went to called B Space Salon in Sugar House. Michael did mine and he's great. We talked about how cute the new Dolce & Gabbana male model is-why are gay hairdressers automatically 10 times better than straight ones. Even if they weren't, we'd think they were.

And then we went camping in the mow-ens for a couple nights. A few times we thought we might pack it all up and go back because... surprise, rained. I swear I have never been camping-at least not in the past 5 years-without it pouring on us. But we had fun nonetheless and had a rockin dance party in the camper while we waited out the storm. Toby picked up a few moves from his best cousin Halle. I don't know where she learned them, but they were creative! I think she's been watching Think You Can Dance too much. And Ben did his signature bum bum shakin' over and over and over and over again. Wish that video would upload.

We went on a beautiful little hike to Donut Falls near the campsite. About 100 feet into it Ben declared his tiredness (he's kind of a lazy kid). Lacy was great and helped Ben see that hiking was fun.

Sticks, of course became guns.

For the majority of the hike back I had Chase on my back in the Ergo and Ben or Jack in my arms or on my shoulders. Got my workout in that day.

Backyards are great.
Sunday and Monday were spent with Sunny and Steve's family in North Salt Lake. Steve automatically was deemed favorite Uncle with all the wheeled toys those guys have in their garages. Toby taught himself to ride a little electric moped, way beyond his years, and Steve took him and Ben on rides on the motorcycle around the neighborhood maybe 50 times. He was a good sport. Sunny needs to send me those pictures. My camera died by this point of the trip.

This is what happens when you have to take the baby out in the hall during sacrament meeting. The kids gettin' crazy with the camera phone. Something tells me they weren't listening to the talk being given.
Everyone kept asking if I was ready to get back to New York, but I probably could have stayed another week without letting the "uncoolness" of Utah rub off on me.


Ann said...

Truth is Ashley..."coolness" follows you around. It really doesn't matter what state you are in :)

Jessica Sorensen said...

I was born in California but lived in Utah from the time I was 5 until I got married so do I get to be a little cool. j/k I maybe from Utah but it took me awhile to figure out what mow-ens were.

Joe said...

I say mountains with a hard T. Maybe I am weird. I am definitely not cool.

Rach said...

I have lived in Utah my whole life.. & I think I'm pretty cool :] Even if I say Oh my heck a lot.

Melissa said...

hey! Found your blog via your facebook page and love it. You are hilarious :) your boys could not be any cuter! You seem like such a perfect "boy mom". hope you are doing well! Love, Melissa

Meagan said...

i've been trying to find a good hair stylist in this "uncool" place...i will be giving michael a call.

Rhonda Riley said...

can i hire you to write my blog...i love your 'take' on life ashley :) good luck with that finger...cute boys, great pics (toby made me laugh with that sacrament pic!) and hilarious as usual! love to you and wish i was there to help with the move...i'd help ann have fun with the boys!

kate said...

I thought that living in New York would broaden your California horizons and change that crappy attitude. How can you say this when the coolest girl you know is from Connecticut:) You Califronia's will never change.

Meagan said...

Hey Ashley it's me Meagan your friend, the one that's Utaharded :) You were so close and I didn't get to see your cute boys. Glad you had a good time! I have to admit even though I'm in Utah, New York and Southern CA are pretty cool but the one thing is that no one gives me dirty looks when I go places with four kids :)