Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Break in New York

The kids had school off this past week so I loaded up the van and headed to New York to the Harris B&B where we enjoyed delicious home cooked meals, watched the olympics, ignored each other as we sat with laptops around the fire and enjoyed the snow as much as we could. As an added bonus Jared and Kelli are still in the U.S. and now staying with the Harrises for a few weeks so we got to play with them and their adorable girls.

Chase learned to cover his eyes down the hill to conquer any fear


Nancy said...

Looks like fun. I like the sound of home cooked meals and a warm fire best in weather like that, though.

Burnett Family said...

Fun trip! Toby already lost a tooth!! Carson is just waiting for the day. Congrats to Toby's big day!

Ann said...

New York...not exactly a "break" from winter but lots of fun to be together anyway.