Friday, October 1, 2010

School Days

It's apparent by these photos that my little boys are looking older and older. Toby is 6 1/2 now and is in 1st grade. He has a great teacher, Mrs. Neill, who has 31 children in her class (big difference from last year's 15!). Toby's favorite subject is Math and all I get out of him about how his day was is usually how many recesses he had that day and that he likes playing handball. He says they're learning "baby stuff." He still won't let me cut his hair and he does that head swing thing like Justin Bieber. It makes me giggle every time he does it. He says everyone at school does it so he wants to. He also won't hug me goodbye when I walk him to his classroom. I didn't realize this "cool" stuff started so young.

Ben goes to Ms. Dianne's Preschool and is loving it. I'm so happy he's there. Last year he didn't really love going to his school in Boston, even though it was a good school. I like that this one is small and couldn't say more about how wonderful his teacher is. She has already fallen under Ben's spell and adores Ben. She called him a "treasure," and I must agree. Ben is "4 and 3 quarters," and has been counting down the days of his 5th birthday for the past 364 days. So we are planning a special day for him later this month.

Chase is our comedian. He goes to "Mommy School," when we drop Ben off. This usually involves a trip to the market or some other errand and a nap. He likes to ride his scooter and escalade naked. We have some neighbors who aren't the biggest fans of children so I'm sure they're even more disgusted when they see my naked 2 year old out there, which makes it even better.


megan said...

Finally...your boys are so getting bigger. I had a dream about you guys last night and it made me miss you BIG TIME!!!! When are you coming to Japan?

Jessica Sorensen said...

love the rain boots! Addi is always stripping luckily she is just playing on our deck where no one can see her or I think I might hear about it from our neighbors.

Andi said...

Love the naked pictures. It's even better that it torments your neighbors! My boys hate wearing clothes too.