Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big belly and other "big" things

Aaaaahhhh....I love the brutal honesty of my boys. They are not shy about telling me how big my anatomy is getting. And it's not just my belly apparently.

Ben: Mom, why are you getting so fat?
Me: Because of the baby, remember?
Ben: Yeah, but why is your butt so fat?

(in the bathtub as I'm getting out)
Chase: Mom, your butt is FAT and WHITE!

Also, complete strangers are not shy about telling me how my butt looks. A mom from Toby's baseball team on the first day of practice came up to tell me how she'd been staring at my butt and thinking how "juicy," it was.  

OK people, I get the point...MY BUTT IS GETTING VERY BIG...I KNOW. But I'm not doing one thing about it. In fact I just finished off a 2 day old bag of peanut butter M&M's (my fave) and I feel really good about it. So stare all you want at my "booty-licious-ness," it's gonna be here for a while (at least 11 more weeks! and then some I'm sure).

Oh yeah, and the belly is growing too...


Megs said...

We all wish we were that tiny with 11 weeks to go. My booty just seemed to go wide & flat...I'd take "booty-licious" any day ;) Congrats on the girl, it will be so wonderful.

Andrea said...

At least you have a butt. My family has NO butt.

Do you get the comment all the time of, "wow, 3 boys. You sure have your hands full." Or "wow, 3 boys. You sure are busy." I get that all the time now. I think I'm going to start charging people a buck every time they say it to me!

You look beautiful!

Carpx2 said...
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Meghann said...

Oh man! You mean it isn't the baby making my butt big, dang it! I didn't realize our due dates were so close- we've got 9 weeks to go. Hope the 3rd tri is treating you well!