Friday, July 22, 2011

Ryan's first days home

We brought Ryan home and the boys were eager to introduce her to our home...especially the one on the right. We were only home for an hour or so before Todd packed up the boys and took them on a Fathers and Sons campout with our church and left me sobbing with my new baby (not because I was sad, just because I'm a hormonal mess after having a baby, especially the first couple days after I get home from the hospital). 
The first Sunday home was Mother's Day and I must say it was my favorite Mother's day to date. A new baby in my arms and the rest of them making sure I was comfortable and happy all day was all I needed. 

                                                                    Her first bath

Ryan was 5 days old when we took her to the beach to watch her older brothers surf...the first of only a million more times. Sorry sweetie...this will be your life so you might as well join in the fun in a year or two. 

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Megs said...

Ryan is so beautiful!