Monday, February 23, 2009

The Glad Game

When I was a little girl I used to love the movie "Pollyanna." My favorite part was where she gets to go shopping with her Aunt to get rid of her old raggedy clothes and gets a whole new wardrobe in the nicest clothes. Still waiting for that day, but anyway. There's a part where Pollyanna teaches her friends the "glad game," which is just what it sounds. They just have to come up with things they can say they're glad about. Very simple. My Mom used to try and get me to do this when I was feeling down or complaining about something, or heaven forbid, she'd pull the "No one likes a frowny face," song on me.

Well, lately I have been catching myself focusing on the things that have been bringing me down rather than all the great things and people that surround me. I was reminded of this yesterday at church and decided that I really needed to make a concerted effort to adjust my eyes and talk more about the things I'm glad about. So because this blog has become my journal I want to try to keep a daily record of something that made me happy each day.

So today I'm glad for the fact that my in-laws live close enough to come pick me and the boys up to rescue us from the cold city and take us to their home for the week while Todd is traveling. I'm also glad for Nickelodeon to keep my kids entertained while I pack and clean. Thanks Spongebob.


Burnett Family said...

Great idea Ash! I just might have to do the same. Hope you have a great week out of the city!

Ann said...

Now I have something to be GLAD for!

megan said...

I'm glad for our good friends in NY!!! We love you and the glad game!