Tuesday, August 11, 2009

simply smASHing

I'm alive. Just a little preoccupied. 

Big changes happening around here.  Some good, some sad, some still yet to take place. But mostly good. 

About a year ago I started a new little venture at the Fashion Institute in New York to become an Image Consultant, learning about color, clothing design, and a lot of other fascinating tidbits about how to help shop for and dress people. It has been SO MUCH FUN! 

The best part about it is that I'm now able to use what I've learned, plus some things I've picked up on my own the past 28 years, and I've started consulting those in need of some style/fashion help. I'm hoping to get my name out there and was lucky enough to have Shabby Apple ask me to do a guest post on their blog. If you want to see what I had to say you can check it out here. By the way, they have some really cute dresses, especially fond of the new Manhattan line. 
And if you want to read more of what I have to say about dressing your best you can go here to a new little blog I've started called simply smASHing.  Let me know what you think! 


Angi said...

That is so awesome! How much do I owe you for my personal consultation?

Meagan said...

so i was totally going to email you the other day to get some advice about dressing nic for his new job. soooo....if you ever feel the need to post-oh say- how a certain radiology resident should dress when he is no longer required to wear a tie to work, but still has to look nice and doesn't want to look like a preppy boy with a popped collar or a nerd with a see through, short sleaved, white button up shirt- that'd be great. you can bill me later.

Jessica Sorensen said...

I saw a link to your blog on Ann's blog list and I was thinking maybe it was you. That is so cool. I watch what not to wear all the time and was thinking I needed to hire a image consultant to help me.Maybe I will have to hire you and check your blog out. I love shabby apple too.

Ligia said...

Oh my goodness...Ashley Dickson!! I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog but certainly glad I did! How in the world are you? Don't think I've seen you since our early BYU days. I think the last time I may have seen you was shortly after you got engaged, at good ole 24 Hour Fitness. Anyway, you look fantastic and your adorable family is so perfectly cute! Hope you don't mind but I just may be a regular viewer of your blog and on your new fashion one too! Really do hope all is well and would love to catch up. You know, NY is just a mere 4 hour drive from D.C.?!?! Email me if you get a moment...mcqueen.ligia@gmail.com

Watts Family said...

So, if you you were to see me on the subway, ash, would you think to yourself, "man, i wish i could get my hands on that girl and fix her hair and her clothes. oh, if she only knew how dress..." Be honest. Ha! I love the new blog by the way.