Tuesday, January 12, 2010

La Jolla, CA

Not really sure how the iphone did this, but kinda fun right?

This was our first day putting our toes in the sand. The waves were huge and the skies were blue in La Jolla that day. We met up with friends Mary, Parker and Miles who took the boys down to the tidepools to explore and made us some delicious mac and cheese for lunch.
We ate In N Out on the way home. And life was good.


The Riesenberg Family said...

I guess thats what I get for not stopping by in New York! I would have loved to see you! Isnt La Jolla the best? We wll be leaving soon to cold and snowy Utah! But part of the arrangement is to rent me a beach house every summer!

Watts Family said...

Wait a sec... there's something very wrong the last picture. Is that really Todd at the beach in California without a swim suit?!! What has this world come to?