Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ventura, Ca

After Christmas we spent a few days with Todd's side of the family at a beach home in Ventura. The home sits right on the beach with a huge sea wall that blocks (for the most part) the waves from crashing in on the house. Lucky for the Harris surf team there was big swell while we were there, which made for good waves to surf and caused the house to shake each time a wave would hit the wall. It was a little scary I must admit.
An up-to-date photo was taken of all of us in front of the sea wall
(please notice my HUMONGOUS HAND-seriously, I was supposed to be 5'11")
(Oh and Todd is really not fat, but his shirt is doing something funky)
(AND ONE MORE THING...we are much closer to the camera than the others so my head (and the rest of me) look huge)
(Not that anyone is looking at me as much as I am.)
(Do you think I could use parenthesis one more time?)

It was cousin heaven for the kids.Aren't they cute?


Ann said...

(If you weren't so cute...you wouldn't have been stuck right in front)

Jaime said...

I love the family pic - awesome styling and what a GORGEOUS family. You make me want to move to Cali. Your had does look oddly long... Hmm.

Sounds like you had a fantastic Cali christmas!

Rachael said...

Randy and Ann sent us this picture, it is so cute of all of you guys!

Rachel said...

That is the exact same thought process I have in pictures of me. Except I really do have long hands and a big head....

WinnFamily said...

Despite the big hand, you look amazing! I love your hair!