Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Morning Young Jedis

I thought it was rather telling this morning when my boys each woke up at separate times and the first thing out of each of their mouths had to do with their latest obsession: Star Wars.

Toby woke up first: Mom, I changed my mind, I want be R2D2. I'm R2D2 today.

Ben was next about a half hour later: Mom, I need my light saber. Where is my light saber?

Chase, was last, and in his dark room, laying in his crib, I heard him crying out: Mom!!!! I-wan Staw-Wos! I-wan Staw-Wos!

And so this was the start of my day...again. All we talk about, watch, play, pretend is Star Wars. We currently have 6 light sabers so unfortunately when one of theirs gets taken away due to one of them, usually the 2 year old, getting hit in the face with it, they just go and find one of the extras.

Toby dresses up as Darth Vader and stalks people at Costco.
Chase has a Yoda tattoo on his arm that is looking like it will be there forever. How come some last a day and others last for weeks?
Ben is playing the legos star wars game on the computer downstairs right now and pleading for my help.

Do you see the world I live in? Or should I say galaxy?


Ann said...

Can you hear me laughing in Boston? Do your hair like Princess Leah. (Please send pictures) Don't fight them...join them.

Jessica Sorensen said...

Thats funny. Difference between boys and girls everything is about Cinderella over here.

Nancy said...

Too bad Harris birthday season has passed. That would give me great ideas for gifts. By the time their b'days come around again it will be something new.

*megan said...

I'm living in your world with you Ashley. Just built Darth Maul's light saber yesterday using our 2 red light sabers and some hot glue. Our boys are going to have so much fun living close to each other.

Lillie said...

It's amazing the innate differences between girls and boys. Can't say I'm missing that particular obsession. :) Hey--- I found a couple of good links for semi-homemade roman shades--- have you tried either of them? http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2009/02/make-shades-out-of-mini-blinds.html


What do you think? Do you think they'd still look a little wonky-- too homemade?

The Riesenberg Family said...

I never thought I would, but I actually miss Connor's Army phase. He would dress up every day in military uniform, guns and all and now I look back and miss it.