Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter in New York

Friday was the perfect day in New York City. Beautiful weather, yummy food, and good company (Grammy/Papa and Kim and Jason and kids).
We played at some of our favorite playgrounds.

Saturday the boys got to hunt for eggs at Grammy and Papa's -notice Ben's dimpled scar on his cheekbone?

After a relaxing and sun-filled weekend, we returned to Boston where we were greeted by our newly bloomed flowers. As Ben would say, "Congratulations!"


Nancy said...

I thought you were in NY. Looks like fun! Did you see any of your old friends? The scar reminds me of Jimmy's. What did the doctor say? Is there anything you can do about it?

Ann said...

Such a fun weekend. I'm going out to find the missing plastic eggs with Snickers in them (:

nicokekeematipili said...

I like Ben's hair short. I'm dying to cut Mati's but I'm scared and then there is Nico that when I mention a trim thinks he has to lay down the law : Mati no haircut.

Lexi said...

You seriously have the 3 cutest boys ever. Really. I just said that.