Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby of Danger

We call Chase lots of things: Chase, Chaser, Chaser-boy, Bubba, Dude, Craze-O, Baby of Danger, The Destroying Angel.

We really can't think of a better name for him than the one we gave him.
He keeps us on our toes 90% of the day.

I really need to start recording all the crazy things he does, I think it's become so normal for me that I just don't see it as anything to write about. But just so he realizes what he put me through as a baby, I think it's best that I become a better record keeper. His favorite thing to do lately is stand at the edge of the sidewalk, get my attention and say "Haha street!" and then run into it just so he can watch me freak out and run after him. I really think it brings him so much joy to torment me in this way. I really hope he gets it out of his system as a toddler because I can only imagine what he's going to be like as a teenager, especially with his older brothers egging him on like they do.


Nancy said...

Luckily your street isn't too busy. Adam used to be like that. Back in the days of spankings, I used to tan his bottom and condemn him to the house for the day each time he ran in the street. I have always said spankings saved his life.

Ann said...

I am hoping the 10% of the day you are not "on your toes" Chase is safe asleep in his crib. Cause...I've seen this kid in action! I'm considering ankle chains when he comes to stay with Grammy.

Lexi said...

I love it! My Carter was that same way. He was pure destruction. I have videos and pictures, but I so wish I wrote it all down. The good news is, now that he's 7, he's the best little boy. It's like he got it all out the first four years of his life and now is pretty content to just be good.