Monday, January 25, 2010


I planned on getting up earlier this morning because Ben had a doctor's visit and you know how you don't want to look like the welfare family at the doctor's office? So I had big plans to get us all looking clean, bedhead combed down and in our nicest weekday clothes. Well, I can say I got most of the bedhead combed down, but that's about it. I ran a brush through my hair, threw on the quickest and warmest outfit and bundled the kids up in jackets that should've been washed 2 days ago. Luckily the doctors office is located in Revere, Mass. so we still ended up being the best looking and best dressed people there. If you need a pick-me-up, visit Revere, Massachusetts. You will not be disappointed...with yourself.

Chase was a disaster, big surprise, at the doctor's visit. I literally should weigh 80 pounds (I kept trying to put an "L" in "pounds" and couldn't figure out why-what is happening to my brain?) with how much running I do just to keep up with Chase. And if I got a nickel for every time I heard "Oh that's the perfect name for him." I would own my dream house in La Jolla by now. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.

I took a relatively healthy little Ben in for a routine check up and left with a list of 3 other specialists the doctor wants him to be seen by. Nothing to be alarmed about-one for his twinkle fingers thing, which is cute, yes, but we are thinking about his future and don't want him acting like a little squirrel every time he's around a girl when he's a teenager. An eye doctor because Dr. N thinks he has somewhat of a lazy eye, and then a dermatologist for his dimpling scar. I just kept thinking, this is going to be a lot of doctor's visits, which was worsened by the fact that every 2 minutes Chase was acting out his escape strategy and running into other exam rooms and hiding behind the reception desks and stepping on medical devices and pushing cute little Chinese babies playing nicely with the waiting room toys. Seriously he was nicknamed "The Baby of Danger," by his brothers for a reason. Love him, but OMGsh, he's crazy.

Then we hit up Target because I need a swimsuit for this weekend. We're going to an indoor water park with a group of friends for a couple days and all I had was my g-string bikini which I just don't know if that would be sending the right message to the little ones. Plus, the first counselor in the bishopric will be there- but on second thought, maybe I should, then maybe they'd release me from this new calling they gave me at church....hmmmm. So I found a very modest one piece (I think I just heard my Mother scream) and a cute cover-up. I think this is only blog-worthy because I tried on like 15 suits with Chase and Ben in the dressing room acting worse than their Father in a mall. If you were at the Target in Revere today and heard a mother threatening her children's lives and coming up with every sort of bribe imaginable if they would just sit still and stop opening the door and stop banging their bodies against the cheap dressing room walls and spilling their juice and strawberry milk on the ground-I doubt that was me, cause my children and I would never behave like that. But again, we were in Revere, Mass. so we probably were one of the better behaved people there.

After that it just RAINED. So it was just another day INSIDE. So sick of being inside. Wanting to be outside.

We ended the day with a big bubble bath and forgot about anything unhappy or unpleasant about the day. Toby was kinder today. Ben was cuddly. Chase made us laugh. And that's how I'll end this day.


P.S. I do not own a G-String bikini--but Todd does.


turleybenson said...

That reminds me...
I need to shave at some point.

You can totally leave Chase with me for a doctor's appointment. Seriously.

Ann said...

When (if) Jay Leno ever retires, you get his prime time slot. You are hilarious. Best part of all...I know it's all true. How about I come up one day and you do 3 Dr. visits in 1 day?

Trish said...

Sorry Ashley but I couldn't help but laugh. I think Chase is a mini-me of Bennett! He is so crazy too! Why? Why do some of us get such crazy, busy kids and others have kids that sit?? What would that be like??

Lexi said...

Boys are fun. So very very fun.

I praise you for leaving the house. After my #3 was born, we never left. In fact, we're still here.